A Ghetto Love Story

By Tina. Marie

A Ghetto Love Story is one of the best African American Urban Fiction books out. And now it’s available here just for you reading pleasure. In this classy romance, you’ll take an unforgettable ride with the national bestselling author Tina Marie. Her writing is very clever and her characters are funny and unforgettable. **Warning** This is not your typical Urban romance, dope boy, thug love, or kingpin savage book.

Heart pounding.


Women’s Fiction.

Street literature. Romance.

Kahmya gives new meaning to falling in love with the thug next door. Through the storms and hard times, Tsunami has always been her shoulder to lean on. But when the hell she faces at home becomes devastating will Tsunami’s love be enough?
Tsunami never pretended to be anything more than what he was, a young dope boy without a care in the world. Well except one, the girl he kept on the outside of his real-life was the one who had his heart. He soon finds out keeping his love for her a secret is more dangerous than he thought. When he lets her down one too many times he is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Xanaya was every man’s dream wrapped up in every man’s nightmare. Her attitude was enough to make anyone back down, anyone but Scar. Finally having met her match she fights her way through side chicks, hangs out in trap houses and learns how hard it can be to not get a second chance.

Scar lived a reckless life filled with money, hoes, and drama. Saving Xanaya didn’t change who he really was, even though his heart wanted it too. Once his cheating ways catch up to him for the last time will he be able to let go of the one he loves?

Sarai embraced her harsh life without a second thought, but doing it all while being pregnant pushed her to the edge. She never thought she would fall in love with the Devil, or that he would reject her in the worst way. Can she pick up the pieces of her broken heart and move on?

Lucifer better known as Lynk had never let a woman’s opinion affect the way he lived his life. When he met Sarai she threatened everything he stood for. But he knew she was too sweet to possibly become his next victim so he has to leave her alone. But can he?

Come take an emotional ride with Tsunami, Khamya, Xanaya, Scar, Lynk, and Sarai as they deal with love, life and pain the ghetto, in this hot new series A Ghetto Love Story!

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About the Author

Aside from being an author with the infamous Cole Hart Presents, Tina Marie whose real name is Tina Marie Turner is a mother of two, a Nineteen-year-old daughter and an Eight-year-old son all while climbing the professional ranks with 5LINX Enterprises, where she supports the companies’ top earners. When asked what she would tell her readers in reference to them following their own dreams, she said, “When following your dreams, realize from the start it will be a difficult journey. Dreams are built over time with hard work, persistence, sweat and many tears.” Tina Marie didn’t always have it easy. Originally from Kingston, Jamaica she came to New York as a child and grew up in extreme poverty. As a teenager, she put herself through college while having her daughter at a young age and working two full-time jobs. Tina now has an A.A in Humanities and Social Science and a B.A. in English Literature with a teaching degree and will be finished with her Masters in International Business in 2016. When asked about her own dreams Tina lets us know she wrote and re-wrote her first novel, changing the title, the chapters, and even the content several times. In fact, an entire chapter, the first one was re-written just one day before it went to the printer. However, she pressed on. Tina states, “My dreams did not come to me. I had to come to them. To all of my readers, go get your dreams.”

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