A Ghetto Love Story 2

By Tina. Marie

This is a rerelease of The Way That He Loves Me 2

For Kahmya love had always been Tsunami, his presence, his comfort, and his protection. But how will she manage now that he isn’t there to offer any of these things? How much stronger can she be?

Tsunami has always sacrificed to put Mya first and he continues to do that even from behind bars. But what happens when he comes home to Kahmya and his son and her new man? Will he try to make things work or find new love?

Xanaya no longer believes in love now that she lost Scar. In her world, it’s every man for himself and money rules all. Although she is a mother, her reckless behavior intensifies and her only excuse is that she is trying to survive. When her mother’s secrets spill out, she finds that true love never really left her. Will Xanaya stop before it’s too late?

Scar is playing the part everyone expects of him, women, drinking and a constant bad attitude. But will that be enough to chase away memories of Xanaya? Especially after he goes back for one more taste of the forbidden fruit? Learning to process the pain of Xanaya with someone else he lashes out at everyone around him.

Sarai is finally getting closer to Lynk and finding her place in his life; only for him to keep pushing her away. No longer caring, she begins to see advice from Xanaya on how she should live her life. This, however, only makes matters worse. Sarai takes every dark secret Lynk has in stride and loves him unconditionally but will one secret finally be too much for even her?

Lynk walks around with the weight of the world on his shoulders so babysitting Sarai was not on his list of things to do. Plus it was easier to be angry at her since he was scared to let any woman into his heart, for their own good. Can he ever see her as someone to love or just someone to feel sorry for?

Follow Kahmya, Tsunami, Xanaya, Scar, Sarai, and Lynk in part two as they reveal secrets, make mistakes and experience that ghetto love all over again!

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About the Author

Aside from being an author with the infamous Cole Hart Presents, Tina Marie whose real name is Tina Marie Turner is a mother of two, a Nineteen-year-old daughter and an Eight-year-old son all while climbing the professional ranks with 5LINX Enterprises, where she supports the companies’ top earners. When asked what she would tell her readers in reference to them following their own dreams, she said, “When following your dreams, realize from the start it will be a difficult journey. Dreams are built over time with hard work, persistence, sweat and many tears.” Tina Marie didn’t always have it easy. Originally from Kingston, Jamaica she came to New York as a child and grew up in extreme poverty. As a teenager, she put herself through college while having her daughter at a young age and working two full-time jobs. Tina now has an A.A in Humanities and Social Science and a B.A. in English Literature with a teaching degree and will be finished with her Masters in International Business in 2016. When asked about her own dreams Tina lets us know she wrote and re-wrote her first novel, changing the title, the chapters, and even the content several times. In fact, an entire chapter, the first one was re-written just one day before it went to the printer. However, she pressed on. Tina states, “My dreams did not come to me. I had to come to them. To all of my readers, go get your dreams.”

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