A Chi-Town Millionaire Stole My Heart 3

By Kevina Hopkins

Do you remember the euphoric feeling you felt when everything started coming together? Reign finally felt it, but of course, turmoil is never far away, waiting to tear everything she’s worked so hard to maintain to shreds.

Reign graduated college, started her business, has the man of her dreams, and is carrying her first child. She is trying to keep her happiness first. However, finding out the love of her life is married, she starts questioning everything they have been building. Coming from a broken home, Reign wants nothing more than to give her child the life she never had.

Sincere’s intentions were never to hurt Reign; which, is why he is doing his all to get out of the loveless marriage he is stuck in. With Reign being pregnant, Sincere is trying to speed up the process of his divorce, despite Destiny trying to hold on for dear life.

Years have passed, and Nasir is being released from jail. He has a one-track mind of getting Reign back. But when Nasir gets the surprise of his life, he doubts Reign will even give him a second look.

Will Reign be able to overlook this failed marriage that Sincere is desperately trying to get out of? Or will the stress of it all be too much for her to handle? Will Nasir win Reign’s heart again, or will the life-changing event push her further away? Who will get their happily ever after when the dust settles? Take this rollercoaster ride with your favorite crew, and find out if love can truly conquer all.


About the Author

Kevina, born and raised on the west side of Chicago is a 33 year old, national bestselling author under Cole Hart Signature. She had a love for reading at a very young age but didn’t think about writing until an idea came to mind in 2013 while she was at work. She tried to push the idea into the back of her mind but it wouldn’t go anywhere so she discussed it with a few of her friends and they encouraged her to pull out a pen and paper and see how far it goes. One of them told her, “the only way that you can truly fail is if you never try.” She believed with the right determination, ambition and motivation she could go above and beyond in life. Fast forward to 2019 where she now has 18 novels available on Amazon for e-book as well as Paperback.

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