A Chi-Town Millionaire Stole My Heart 2

By Kevina Hopkins

In the second installment, Reign is back, and her life is more complicated than ever. Tragedy strikes, and Reign is sent traveling in a downward spiral, where she feels only drugs and alcohol can numb her pain. Despite her hesitation in building a relationship with her father, he ultimately steps in saving both her and her mother’s lives.

Nasir tries to be Reign’s knight in shining armor and show her that he wants nobody but her. However, he cannot let go of his cheating ways. When Reign suggested an open relationship, Nasir took her as a joke until he realized he wasn’t the only one who had Reign’s eye.

Sincere wants to be with Reign. But with the recent tragedy and Reign not being in the correct mind frame, their relationship doesn’t go beyond a friendship. Sincere is willing to wait, but he didn’t think it would take four years. Unfortunately, the time allowed someone else to swoop in and capture Sin’s attention … or did it?

Will Reign settle for Nas or finally break free of his reigns? Has Reign missed her chance with Sincere? After all, four years is a long time. Take a ride with Reign and find out who’s secrets are revealed, and lies are brought to light.


About the Author

Kevina, born and raised on the west side of Chicago is a 33 year old, national bestselling author under Cole Hart Signature. She had a love for reading at a very young age but didn’t think about writing until an idea came to mind in 2013 while she was at work. She tried to push the idea into the back of her mind but it wouldn’t go anywhere so she discussed it with a few of her friends and they encouraged her to pull out a pen and paper and see how far it goes. One of them told her, “the only way that you can truly fail is if you never try.” She believed with the right determination, ambition and motivation she could go above and beyond in life. Fast forward to 2019 where she now has 18 novels available on Amazon for e-book as well as Paperback.

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