Someone To Call Bae 2

Someone To Call Bae 2: A Sneak Peek

One of Cole Hart Signature’s newer authors, Siren, kicked off her literary career with her bestselling series, Someone To Call Bae. After much anticipation, Siren is ready to follow up her gripping part one with Someone To Call Bae 2 on July 14th. Below is a sneak preview of what’s to come tomorrow. Chapter One: Ice “Can I talk to you?” Trinity asked as I tried to call Jaya for the umpteenth time.  “There ain’t shit to talk about.” I dismissed Trinity.  “You have reached, 7..8..6” Jaya’s voicemail spoke as I hung up.  “I’m having your baby Isaiah.” “Bitch you lying.

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Peaches: A Hood Love Story

Peaches: A Hood Love Story: A Sneak Peek

Author Dani Littlepage is releasing her hood love standalone, Peaches. This heart provoking novel will release this Friday, December 11th. In the meantime, enjoy a sneak preview for what’s to come. Text ColeHartSig to (470)500-0988 Chapter 1 “Bitch, put that damn magazine down and help me clean this damn office,” Rasheeda shouted at her friend. “We already got in trouble last week because ya ass wanted to be lounging on the job, and I’m not about to get fired because you wanna fantasize about shit you ain’t never gonna have.”  “Whatever, bitch.” Amara rolled her eyes at her friend. “Don’t

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Lil Mama a Ryder 2

Lil Mama A Ryder 2: Sneak Peek

Author Kevina Hopkins is concluding her Chicago Love Story series with Lil Mama A Ryder 2. This gripping black & urban romance will release on December 5th. In the meantime, dive into this exclusive preview for what’s to come. Text ColeHartSig to (470)500-0988 Previously… Maddox pulled in front of Audrey’s family’s house, and they climbed out to meet Rome on the porch.  “Hey, baby girl. I’m glad you decided to come out. The kids have been asking if you were coming all day,” said Rome.  “Yeah, I was in a better mood today, so I figured I might as well

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Zo & Alana

Zo & Alana: A Sneak Peek

Since being signed in the summer of 2020, Michelle Elaine has released four books; a book for each month since signing with Cole Hart Signature. After concluding her series, A Good Girl & A Down South Millionaire, she kicked off another series with Zo & Alana. Part one of Zo & Alana released earlier this month. If you missed the initial release, be sure to click the link below. Also, text ColeHartSig to (470)500-0988 to never miss another. Author Michelle Elaine is currently working on the sequel, Zo & Alana 2; which, will be coming in the month of October.

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Low Key Fallin For A Savage

Low Key Fallin For A Savage: A Sneak Peek

#1 Bestselling author J. Dominique released part one to her best selling series to date, Low Key Fallin For A Savage. Low Key Fallin For A Savage and Low Key Fallin For A Savage 2 both reached the number one spot in African American Women’s Fiction via Amazon. After much anticipation, J. Dominique is set to release the finale to her hit series, Low Key Fallin For A Savage 3, on September 14th. If you’re unfamiliar with the series or waiting for the series to be completed before reading, here’s a two chapter preview to see what the hype is

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Cali Dreamin': A West Coast Love Story

New Author Alert: Shaunn Aryande

Welcome Shaunn Aryande as she debuts her first novel, Cali Dreamin’: A West Coast Love Story We at Cole Hart Signature would like to formally introduce you to our new author, Shaunn Aryande. She is no stranger to writing, but has decided to partner with Cole Hart Signature to release her first novel, Cali Dreamin’: A West Coast Love Story. Shaunn King was born in Gretna, LA; however, she spent her childhood in Harvey — a city on the Westbank of New Orleans.  Shaunn was considered an early reader, learning to read before the age of four, and has been an

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