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Cole Hart Signature is operated by Cole Hart, CEO. This black owned publishing company specializes in turning unknown authors into household names. Cole Hart Signature believes in giving their authors maximum exposure and the tools they need to become more successful with their craft. Some of the best authors in African American Urban fiction, Urban Romance fiction, & Women’s fiction are born from our publishing house with over 2 million e-books sold through Amazon, using our signature blueprint.

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By Cole Hart

The Sunday School Teacher 1 & 2: Combined

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A hot steaming cup of coffee from Starbucks and watching the sunset behind the lake from my bedroom window would be great right now…

But unfortunately, I’m still serving a life sentence in this prison. See, the older we get the more that we’re supposed to recognize that God moves on his own time, but it gets hard. Honestly, I didn’t have a clue whatsoever that I would have to go through something in life so harsh as this. On the days that I felt lonely and like the walls were closing in on me, I just called on God. Some days I wake up in the morning and decide that I’m not praying anymore or I’m just tired. God would instantly tap me on the shoulder and whisper… “Just a little bit of faith, Annabelle. That’s all you need. Keep going.”

“But God you said…”

“Keep going, Annabelle.”


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